H-DuO with Companion Cup - Green

H-DuO with Companion Cup - Green

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You no longer have to worry about carry more than one water bottle. The Green H-DuO™ with Companion Cup now gives you freedom of carrying one water bottle for you and your dog! 

  • Double sided water bottle
  • Watertight lid for each chamber
  • One side for you and one side for your dog
  • Collapsible Companion Cup attached 
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

Why We Love It: 

You can now fill up on water-bottle for you and your dog with The Green H-DuO™ with Companion Cup. There are two chambers with two separate watertight lids. For convenience, there is the collapsible companion cup that will expand and you can pour the refreshing water into in for your dog to enjoy! It is BPA Free and dishwater safe.The H-DuO™ with Companion Cup makes it easy for a day on the go!

Sizing/Liquid Capacity:

12oz/360 ml per chamber (H-DuO)
1 cup/8oz (companion cup)